Jesus Loves Me #TheLogosLoungeExperience

This is a simple message of love. I have ministered this song so many times but each time, the words speak to me all over again. It’s a reminder to myself of His unconditional love for me.

You see, if you have experienced a lot of loss and pain in your life, it can be so easy to think that you have been abandoned, and nobody really cares. Loss becomes the expected norm. You wonder who’s really looking out for you? Well, in response, I put it to you that Jesus has got your back; or else you wouldn’t even be here at all because your circumstances would have pulled you down the drain with everything else. God did not allow it.

Sometimes, I need a reminder that no matter how I see myself, or the way others may perceive me…Jesus still, and always will love me.

I hope you all latch on to these words too and apply them to yourselves.

Jesus loves you too.

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